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Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I wanted to do a post to wish Gems good luck. We returned her to '4 paws for ability' a little over a week ago and we miss her so badly. She is being trained for tracking and doing a fabulous job (finding humans) and once she gets paired up with an immate for the prison program, we will get a picture and another update. We love you Gemini!

Gemini looking flashy in our christmas tree skirt! HOT!

Enjoying her last day with us, belly full of treats!


Working hard "pulling" our christmas tree cart.
(She actually never pulled it since she just sat down because it was too much work!)

Heavy as she was, Brandon loved to lift her up

Taking a break from one of her favorite toys

Hard to imagine but she could never sit still for a picture!

A sucker for an ear rub

Snuggling with our man :-)

Not the most photogenic she can be but boy is SHE comfortable on our bed

looking intently at a snack

Pouting for attention

Her purty hazel eyes

Lip smackin cute pup

This ones for you Gemini. Know we love you and miss you - Love mom and dad

1 comment:

Munted kowhai said...

awww she is a cutie.
what kind of dog will you guys get in florida?
i can't wait till i settle down and can get a pet.