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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gifts Galore!

Well, I promised I would share with you guys the Christmas presents I got! It was definitely alot of fun opening them, but it was alot more fun using them!!!!!!

The first picture are of the gifts from Brandons family. 2 sweaters from white house black market (only my most favorite store in the whole world), and also a bracelet from white house black market also. Holly got me a zester (which I have always wanted and which I used to make the lemon loaf), a set of mini cookie cutter and a small cutting board!

The next picture is of what Brandon got me. Definitely spent wayyyyy too much money on me. A mechanical pastry bag and cookie and wire rack from williams and sonoma, a pair of prada sunglasses which we had been in search of for wayyyy too long and a white gold necklace! OH! Also a hair straightener but it's not on here since I had just used it and it was too hot to bring downstairs, and cause I was just too lazy!

And here are the gifts my mom, UJ and Tiff got me. A very very cute and warm down jacket from Nordstroms (ps..ohio sucks cause we don't have one here), a 'first christmas together,' tree ornament, a hand knitted scarf by my talented sister, a set of bottle grip openers, some chocolate goodies!!!! and japanese candie...emmm...delicious!
The agenda for tonights dinner:
Use left over curry chicken and wrap them in pastry dough and bake them, served with salad or something else...can't quite think right now.
Got my babys oil changed today. Midas you rock! except for the expensiveness of my filter, other than that you do quite rock.

1 comment:

Munted kowhai said...

whoa nice gifts!
mum hinted to me that i'm getting something from the white and black clothes store!
yay! never wore anything from there.
hope its sexy enough for me