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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Our trip to Chicago was so much fun. I have never loved a city so easy before. It took me 5 or more years before I was able to fully enjoy the beauty of San Francisco, perhaps I am just more developed now to see what a city has to offer dispite the crowds, constant honking and the cost of things. Perhaps. lol

Brandon and I standing out infront of the John Hancock Tower, where we went later that night to share some martinis and dessert with Neal and Renee in the Signature Lounge...oh how VERY posh! besides the fact that our waitress was 60 years old, had memory loss and lost our credit card on the floor. Tip - $ 2.00. Alas the view was beautiful.

Ahhh.....our friends Neal and Renee. Sadly Renee moved to Myrtle beach for an acting job - there goes the ONE girl friend I had.

New Years Eve before heading out to Catch 35 for a delicious seafood meal!

Neal and Renee at Catch 35.

Neals sister and her boyfriend

Brandon and I

Brandons dinner: 2 lobster tails topped with crab meat, mashed garlic potatos and veges!

My delicious sword fish seared with a chipotle sauce, fried rice and veges. BEST swordfish ever!

Before we left, we stopped by the Navy Pier for brunch with Neal and Renee and here is a picture of the skyscrapers.

And it is bye to Chicago and....hello....Dayton.


Munted kowhai said...

Man you guys ate heaps during the holidays!
You got a hair straightener too?! Thats what Aaron got me! hehehehe
I love straightening my hair cuz as you know, I have LOTS of it! So straightening it makes me feel I lost half of my hair weight!
Chicago looks snazzy.

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

Yes Tiff, I SURE DO know you have ALOT of hair! How do I forget your hair swirl artistic impressions on the shower wall????????? Ew! hehehehehe.

Oh we ate...we ate ALOT.

Yeah I love it!!! You can put it up and when you let your hair down again, its still straight!