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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chinese New Year

So, Chinese New Year here in Dayton, Ohio was pretty much non-existant since the Asian population here is like, what 1. That would be including me. hehehe. No, probably a few more than just me, but no festivities held at all. Which is kinda sad. :-(

Anyways, I made 2 different dishes, one for me and one for Brandon. I made a rice noodle stir-fry consisting of carrots, onions and potatos and chicken.

For Brandon, I made him a sausage yakisoba stir-fry. Not Chinese I know, but he doesn't like the rice noodles. Picky, picky. I also made some more nian gao my mom sent me. Emm, delicious.

I also made some beef potstickers for the boy:

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