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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Garlic Oregano Focaccia

I always try (try being the important word here) to plan my meals, especially for Brandon the couple days before since I basically can survive on veges and rice. I wanted to make him hamburgers but obviously would use the skillet since grilling in the snow typically isn't the thing I want to do after I get home from work. I didn't buy buns so I figured I would find a hamburger bun recipe and after looking a some, I realise I wanted to make good bread, not wonder bread like hamburger buns, so I browsed through and found an incredible recipe for Garlic Oregano Focaccia. It's made with the bread machine, so simple and ohhhh so delicious. It keeps moist for 3 days, by then all the bread should be gone!!!


I split the focaccia in half and made the patties with beef and diced onions and green bell peppers mixed in it and cooked that on the skillet with some bacon. I topped the patties off with American cheese, bacon and some Avocado. I hate ground beef and I wanted a huge bite off it. So viola, this bread is definitely amazing.

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