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Monday, April 16, 2007

Under the Sea, Under the sea...

This is the first sign of spring for us here in Dayton, Ohio. The weather is still bitterly cold, still peacoat weather. Sigh. I got home from work Saturday evening to find beautiful lillies and tulips for moi. :-) I love flowers. I suppose every girl likes to receive flowers even if they say they don't. It's a nice treat once in a while and it sure brightens the room.

So, on my day off today I decided to venture out to "foremost seafoods." Adam, one of my managers recommended this place to me for fresh seafood, and boy was it fresh!!!! They supply to all the dayton area restaurants and it's cheaper to buy from them directly than get it from the grocery store. It's fresh and flown in 6 times a week! YES! Finally, fresh fish! I have been deprived of fresh seafood since I left Oregon.

My favorite fish is Swordfish, so I got 1 lb of that and I got Yellowfin Tuna for Brandon. Next time I think I will get 3/4 lb or less. We just couldn't finish it. These were thickly cut!
The above picture is of the tuna and the one below is the swordfish. I marinaded it in a orange ginger sauce for 3 hours, before grilling it and then sticking it in the oven to finish cooking. I thickened the marinade with cornstarch and served it with a side of roasted asparagus, peppers and onions.
Zoe went to the vet again today and got another parvo shot. We then came home, fed her and took her out for her very first walk! She did great even though she is still getting used to the leash and she prounced around the tennis courts with an empty water bottle that she chased around cause the wind was blowing so hard. She is a cutie. This is her this morning playing with the stuffed cow she stole from me.


parents said...

Oh,I lovethe pictureof Zoeeating away at your CoW!
So, what did you think of the cornstarch on the fish? Yes, 1cut of the fishis enough for the twoof you,I'd say!!

Munted kowhai said...

hahaha i can't believe you took that cow with you. i believe zoe will get to be that cow's size in less than a week

Faery said...

oh so cute picture, Zoe is beautiful... and the other pictures look delicious :9