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Monday, April 16, 2007

Cheesy Breadsticks

One of the greatest reasons why I make the recipes that I post up here is because of the memories that they carry with them. Alot of these recipes are from college memories, which I provise on and breadsticks is one of them. I wonder if that's the motivation for other cooks and bakers, but memories and food go hand in hand for me. So, back at Oregon State University, I remember going to Woodstocks breadsticks with a salad. They were SO delicious and of course like everything that tastes good when you eat outside of the home, they aren't always so good for you. ;-) So here is my version of breadsticks with a healthy olive oil pizza dough base. I got this recipe with my bread machine my parents got me for my birthday while I was still in college ( seemed like an eternity ago) and it's from their website.

1 1/2 C warm water
2 tbs olive oil
2 tsp salt
4 1/4 C flour
2 tsp sugar
2 tsp yeast
(makes 2 12" pizzas, or 4 medium sized breadstick rounds)
This is a breadmachine recipe so add the ingredients into breadmaker in order listed above.
Once the dough is ready, remove the dough and divide it into however many rounds you like depending on your size preference and shape/roll each on a floured surface till thin. This dough rises alot once in the oven so it will give a thick crust. Place on floured baking sheets and drizzle with olive oil and make finger indentations all over dough. Sprinkle dough with pizza seasoning herbs, garlic powder and shredded cheese on top.
Bake at 400 degrees F till golden brown.


Munted kowhai said...

val, sorry to break it to you, that is not a cheesy breadsticks you made. it is a cheesy bread plop.

muffy is soooooo cute! will take more pics for you to see when she is not sleeping.

Bake your cake and eat it too said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bake your cake and eat it too said...

I meant to say Woodstocks breadsticks, and you're suppose to cut it into woodstock like breadsticks with a pizza cutter.

Yeah, send pictures of Muffy!

parents said...

If you do not use cheese but sprinkle sugar on topofthis plop, I think it will taste like"Yuen Long's Lowe Por Bang". Try it and letme know if itworks:)