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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Teeny no more!

I cannot believe how incredibly fast Zoe is growing up. She's quite the ball of energy and it is hard to give her alot of attention when I am at work all the time. She has taken a liking to my huge cow stuffed toy that I got for my birthday from Kels, katie and Kevin back in College. It's 6 times as big as her yet she tackles it like she's a tiger and the cow's a rat or something. She's a girl right????? Oh she is missing a nipple. We found out the other day while I was rubbing her tummy. Random.

'blue steel' dog style

'I'm too sexy for the camera,' look

We were talking about Asian food at lunch the other day at work and Korean food came up, so I decided to pick up some bulgolgi marinade and some short cut ribs. Easy as pie, easier may I add. I just marinaded it for 2 hours and then popped it in the broiler, basting and turning every couple of minutes to avoid burning and viola! Brandon said it was good, so this will definitely be a meal for one of those lazy days when you don't want to think at all.


Munted kowhai said...

mmmm those meat looks yummy!
back in oregon now! feels great to be home, lots of things to take care of.

muffy is so so cute, can't get used to the size of her due to having spent time with willy, the pekingnese

parents said...

you definitely convinced meto try somethngthat I have wanted to do for a long time! Talk to you very soon as soon asI get over part of today:)Love you!!

parents said...

Zoe looks so cute here I wavva cuddle her so! How can you be mad at such a cute creature for long even though shemay have just chewed on your almost new sofa?