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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Look who's a big girl now!

Zoe had another vet trip yesterday and she has doubled in weight since her last visit 3 weeks ago! She is now 23 lbs 9 oz! She is getting heavy! No wonder it is getting harder and harder to carry her upstairs to her crate.
She also got microchipped, her nails trimmed, a distemper shot and a rabies shot, plus 6 months supply of heartworm and flea solution, along with a poop sample...and it came down to almost $200.00. How is a dog more high maintanence than me? lol. She does have a cute cute girly face.


Munted kowhai said...

awwwww she is getting so big now!
anna help us shave muffy today, aww shes so cute because of her horrible hair cut. she wishes brandon was here! hahaha will have to load up some pics later.

Cate said...

Such an adorable face!