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Sunday, May 20, 2007

MISSION: Dessert Deprivation Ahead

Here it is folks. After a weekend of drinking nasty grog at the Navy Dining Out on saturday, and of course recuperating today with overeating I have decided to embark on my new diet mission. The main goal is to not eat dessert, cause frankly I indulge in desserts daily and even though my IBS diet requries eating carbs, I think I use that to my advantage a little too much. I am a carb baby and I must put SOME carbs to the side. I am definitely not as toned as I should be considering I run all the time, and I know that it is cause I over indulge in carbs and sweets. So, tonight was my last delicious yummy rice dream ice cream. It was SOOOOO good, a ginger cookie chai rice dream drizzled with chocolate sauce and peanuts. Cheers to the new diet. I am going to keep track of all that I eat daily in an effort to stop my uncontrollable grazing throughout the day. Fingers crossed that I keep on track. To help me I have enlisted the support of Fitday.

Meanwhile, here is the transformation of our baby Zoe:

Here is Zoe the first day we got her

Here is Zoe just earlier this week enjoying her rawhide bone with her huge paws

Chewing on her bone from a different angle


parents said...

Her features have certainly changed! She's still cute,though:)
Luckily, for me I amnot much ofa dessert junkie but that idea about adding green tea powder to bake goods sounds enticing enough for me to break out the flour on to the counter and start creating. Will let you know howitturns out. And hey! Good luck on the item you are going to bake for the event!

Peabody said...

Oh so cute...and what huge paws!

Freya and Paul said...

I can empathise with you - I too have IBS and love carbs AND dessert! And I need to shed a few pounds here and there. Blogging makes it hard to do though!
p.s. Your dog and blog are both great (but particularly your pup!)

wenwenzz said...

It's so cute!!!