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Friday, June 1, 2007


I wonder why they call snickerdoodles snickerdooles,. Why not Cinnadoodles? They're covered in cinnamon sugar. I really should search for it and see what the answer to that is.

I made these for Jims Memorial day BBQ a week ago. They were pretty much all gone when I went to collect my tuperware back and surprisingly, Pat told me he thought it was just a special cookie unique to his town. He said he grew up in a rather amish community. Emmm...I bet their snickerdoodles were amazing. The amish really make amazing fresh baked goods. I have yet to see the Amish and now with our moving to Pensacola in 2 weeks, I highly doubt that we'll be able to make it out to one of their communities and see the wonderful work that they do. Blah.

Speaking of moving. The past three days I have been trying to repain the walls with their free paint and their rollers. If I wasn't so cheap and lazy, I coulld go buy my own from home depot, but they they are free. I might as well not spend money on things like that. I am officially sick of painting.All I really want to do after posting this is to take a nap to Oprah. She is good to listen to while you fall asleep. Is that weird?

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MidwestMaven said...

Do you have a recipe to share? They look delicious, and I've actually never had a snickerdoodle! Thanks!