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Saturday, July 21, 2007

To fill or not to fill?

I have been itching to get back to the internet this week. To make a long story short, Brandon is stationed in Pensacola for API with the navy which will be the latest till the end of august. The rest of the time we will be stationed here in milton which is an hours drive, so the navy is paying him per diem while he is in API and because of that they are paying for us to stay at an extended stay hotel there. So we are there most of the week, and come back in the weekend. Let's just say, I miss my kitchen, I miss my bed, I miss the fact that it is just home. I mean, I can cook there but it's a small room, anything you cook kinda fills the room up with whatever you cook. There is no oven, so frankly I am all but driving myself crazy. So to celebrate our weekend at home, I just HAD to make some bread. ;-) I decided to try Bialys again. I made them last saturday too but just as I was about to fill them, we had a severe thunderstorm, and everything went out. Lightening hit our cable wire which fell down and the electricity went out. So I could not fill them or bake them. This time, I was determined to fill them.

BIALYS - By Rose Levy Beranbaum of The Bread Bible
2 C flour
1/2 ts instant yeast
Then add:
1 ts salt
3/4 room temp water
Mix in a mixer on low with a dough hook for 1 minute then increase to medium for 7 minutes.
Let dough rise in a clean oiled bowl, cover for 1 1/2 - 2 hours.
Deflate the dough by firmly pushing it down and transfer to floured counter. Cut dough into 6 pieces and with each piece gently stretch dough and then gather the edges and pinch them closed. Put seam side down on floured baking sheet, cover and let rise for another 2 hours.

Then make an indentation in the middle of each bialy for the filling. I used an onion and garlic filling, sauteed it then filled the bialys.

30 minutes prior to baking, put a sheet pan on the floor of the oven and a shelf on the lowest level. Preheat to 475 degrees F.

When ready to bake, add 1/2 cup ice cubes to the sheet pan and bake for 6-10 minutes.

I made lasagna for Brandon to go along with the Bialys. Yes, I rarely put up pictures of actual culinary dishes because I just suck at them. I'm a baking girl.


parents said...

Wow! Lasagne and Bialys at one go??!! Brandonmust really LOVE his carbs!!

Emilie said...

Are you baking your way through that whole book??

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Beautiful! I'll have to make some of those once...

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

Rosa - thanks for your comment. I think I might almost like bialys more than bagels. If you make them let me know what you think.

Emilie: It does seem like I am going through the whole book. I'm a little scared of sourdough though. It's looks hard to make.