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Monday, July 23, 2007


This whole week has been constant thoughts of how irritating it is to have IBS. Sometimes I just have weeks where all that I eat is cereal and veges and yet I am still bloated and totally uncomfortable. I want to see a Dietitian but what could she really tell me except what I already know. Nutritionists have been of absolutely zero help to me, so I really should think about visiting a dietitian but I am so sick of retelling what my symptoms are and what I eat day in day out. BLAH!

I wish I could eat a burger. I've been craving it for over a week now. I love vege burgers they are my favorite but sometimes, and I mean once in a million years I crave red meat. I was bad yesterday and ate alot of baked goods at the church that is a really not a good idea at all. Not only that, but I feel SO pudgey. I have the book Eating for IBS and I was looking through it last night and realised that I could eat alot more variety than what I have been, so I need to try those recipes out when I get back to Milton.

How I feel today: bloated, tired, hungry, pudgey and sick to death of my IBS.


parents said...

Dear..I will comment in vfbrokomy email:)

Munted kowhai said...

hey val, you have to get onto facebook, i found amelia slater and alot of your other hs friends!