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Friday, July 20, 2007

Tagged down!

I have been tagged (very very delayed response - sorry!) by Sharona

First, before the post, you must know the rules: (1) Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves. (2) Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves. (3) At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged. Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.
8 random facts about moi:

1) I am possibly the only asian who is not good at math.

2) In the asian culture, competition is high especially for school. I brought that thinking with me my first year in school in New Zealand when I was 6 or 7 years old. Everyone stood in their age groups and in each age group there are 2 classes and I did not know that they picked students in order of last names, A obviously being first picked. I was last to be picked and started to cry infront of the whole school because I thought no one wanted me. Shame. Mom went to my first period with me.

3) I almost drowned in a swimming pool when I was 8 or so in Malaysia. I forgot my floatie chicken wings and to save myself I pushed my friends head under to stay afloat. I was saved.

4) My friends at my all girls private school in New Zealand used to time how fast I could run from the courtyard lunch area to the restroom, pee, wash my hands and run back. I think the fastest time was 25 seconds.

5) When I was 13 years old, the navy came to talk to us but my dreams of being in the navy and marrying a guy in uniform was shattered when the lady told me I couldn't join because I had glasses.

6) Then I met my husband in college. I was his RA and he was in ROTC navy. My dream did come true ;-) I didn't have to resort to marrying a mafia guy.

7) I went to college for 5 years to get a General Science Degree, only to realise after all that I really wanted to be in the food industry and now I am starting august 20th!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!

8) My husband Brandon proposed to me December 30th 2005 on our trip to Hong Kong. The plan (which was unknown to me) was that my mother treated my sister, brandon and I to dinner at the Spoon restaurant and at the last minute my sister turned down the offer, opting to go to eat with my aunt. I was suspicious because it's my sister. She NEVER turns down a good meal at an expensive restaurant, actually she just never turns down food in general. So dinner was just Brandon and I, all the while thinking he would propose at dinner so of course when we hiked up his HUGE mountain (in high heels at 10pm) I was a little more than fiesty. I wasn't so upset though after the proposal and a ring on my finger!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHE. We were married June 10th 2006.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for tagging me (I will do it when possible...)!
Great to learn more about you ;-P!...

Emilie said...

I hope you didn't kill your friend in the pool...

Bake your cake and eat it too said... my friend is fine emilie.