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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Midweek Dog blogging

I am too impatient to wait for the weekend dog blogging, so I am cheating and am putting up pictures of our new baby rotti, Zoe. We got her from a breeder in Lexington, VA on our week long trip. She's the main reason we made a trip to Pensacola, Florida then to Lexington, VA.

She is adorable and as you can see, still quite teeny. She is almost 8 weeks old but she has quite the big mouth. She definitely has personality and she can be quite the fireball at times but each passing day with her is getting better and better. She is getting to know us more and has pretty much figured out her name is Zoe and responds quite well to it now.

The Vet says she'll be fully grown at 6 months. It's hard to imagine a teeny little thing get big in such a short amount of time and I somehow wish that she would stay small. Now, you can pick her up and put her away from things you don't want her near but I highly doubt that will be the case in a couple of months. She has already grown quite a big longer and taller with her ear getting bigger and her feet growing larger each day. I have to remember to cherish the baby cause it won't last very much longer.

Ahh...after a long day of traveling in the car, she has sprawled out by our couch to rest. Cutie pie!


charinthecity said...

So cute! Congratulations

parents said...

Please take more pictures of Zoe!!
The cuteness does not last very long for Rott pups!

eliza adam said...

zoe is going to be a big dog and a cute one too!