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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Doin the Jambalaya!!!

This probably sounds a little bizzare but some recipes just scare you to make. In the sense that it seems more complicated than it really is and so I have been putting off making this dish literally for months! After looking up dozens of recipes I finally found one from Nolas Cuisine . Her dishes are so wonderful and after looking over her recipe, it didn't seem like it would take long. It didn't either, I'd say the hands on work took only 15 minutes, the rest was up to the oven. It had a really wonderful mix of spices and cooking the chicken in with the rice in the oven made them so tender. I did leave it in the oven for longer than the specified amount of time just because the rice wasn't cooked all the way through, but I like my rice soft, so go figure. :-) Just preference I suppose. What's more is that my husband liked it, since he's usually not into tomato based dishes, nor into dishes where his food is already mixed up together. Just goes to show what a good recipe can do huh?
Tonights adventure is : SUSHI! I've been craving sushi for such a long time. I am so skeptical of the japanese restaurants here in Dayton, OH. So I purchased a Sushi Kit from work and we'll have to see how far my skills will go. Eek. With the lack of fresh seafood here, I can only make sushi with cooked meat, so basically leaving me to immitation crab. WHOOHOO. We'll see though, it might turn out well.
Oh, I have also noticed a very very weird fascination. I seem to be able to spend over an hour and a half wondering the supermarket aisles, almost lost in the wonder of the food selections. I am in my zone yet almost feels like I'm so out of it at the grocery store. I tell ya, the grocery store sucks you into it's world. I world of temptation.
The countdown to the cute rottie has been ongoing since the beginning of the month. We are so excited. Our trip starts March 19th when we will take a 12 hour drive down to Pensacola, Florida for a visit of the next town we'll be stationed at and to see the culinary school in Alabama that I am interested in. We'll stay there for 5 days and then drive another 12 + hours to Lexington, Virginia so that we can pick up our puppy!! Oh boy, it's going to be so exciting and so hard to pick one out! How are we going to do that? Then we'll travel another 6 hours back to good ole Ohio. It'll be a long but fun trip! Plus we get to see Scott and Denise before they head off wherever Helo takes them.


Munted kowhai said...

whoa, long car trips! better burn some awesome music along the way! trip back will be easier as you will have a puppy to entertain you!

parents said...

remember to ask apartment office in Pensacola if you can have pets. Otherwise, you may have to rent a farm!

The Humble Housewife said...

Yeah... so I am seriously salivating... this looks so incredibly good! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog... just found it... will be adding a link!