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Monday, September 8, 2008

My Green Thumb

This is what I have been doing the past month. Hiding in my house watching my basil grow. No, that would be creepy. You can say I have no green thumb at all and the reason this basil is growing is because Brandon waters it. I like to plant stuff, I just can't seem to ever get around to watering them. Hey! I'm a cook/baker, not a gardener. So I'll leave it to the pros, but I can for sure say that this is my very first pot o' herb.

I decided to make an almond basil pesto for dinner last night. Usually I add a BUNCH of garlic cloves and then I end up being the one on the treadmill dripping garlic sweat and having my next door treadmiller get off because I stink. Well, if they were a vampire, I would be safe. SO, I added only 1 clove of garlic and it was just right!
I pan-fried Brandon some chicken breasts and made potatoes O'brien - homestyle!
Here's another view of the plated dinner incase you were interested. Probably not, but you know. For myself, I substituted the chicken for a more green colored friend. BEANS!
I have been a daring baker slacker. School started, work started, life started again. I'll be glad when I'm done with school so I can come home from work and not have to do homework. Blah. That reminds me I should check out the daring bakers site to see what this months challenge is. I sure hope I can fit it in.


Christina said...

Ooh, yummy! I need to grow some basil, too, but I'll have to keep it out of reach of my cats.

The Caked Crusader said...

Looks very tasty - I love Basil

Emiline said...

Ha ha - garlic sweat. My family is quite familiar with that. My dad has a funny story about running through an airport..

Your dinner looks delicious. Good luck with school starting!

Lore said...

That sure looks like a tasty dinner! I found myself laughing when I read that you plant stuff but you don't water them because I used to be like you ... for some unknown reason that has changed so maybe this time next year you'll be bragging with your home garden ;)