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Monday, September 22, 2008

The calm before the storm

It was eerie how calm the sky was before Ikes predicted arrival. Thank goodness it never hit Corpus because seeing how devastated Galveston and Houston is, I think that my anxiety and need to leave was justified. I can't possibly imagine what they are going through but just thinking about us in that situation, I am very thankful cause I know God definitely watched over us. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers ;-)

Here's some pictures of the beach after the huge waves that hit our beach. Believe it or not the beach was FILLED with trash. I can't believe how much garbage we were walking in. I didn't want to think about it.
Minature waves compared to the 5 ft waves we got before and during the storm.
Leben and Brandon battling the heavy rain that felt like a million nails stabbing at you.
So in all the midst of the hurricane evacuation and Muffy leaving us, I totally blanked on the yummy piece of mooncake my mom sent me in the mail for chinese mooncake festival that was on September 14th. So I sat down with my little ball of a mooncake ...
savored it. :-D
I got a new toy 2 sundays ago. I love it. I will post more about as time will let me.
It makes me happy in the mornings and saves me mega bucks in the long run.


Angsana said...

Looks like you got the one that is my favourite! Just the right size and not as sweet!

Heather said...

i'm glad you're OK! i love that picture of the mooncake!!

Emiline said...

Mooncake?! I don't even know what this is, but I want it.

Glad you're okay after the storm.

I bet you bought a cappuccino maker.