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Friday, August 15, 2008

I heart Texas

Wow, I am such a food blogging bum. It's been what over a month or more. It's hard to blog when you are using your neighbors wireless connection. (Shhh, I didn't say that). I don't understand why it takes the internet guy 2 weeks to come out and flip a switch. That would be a good job for someone with OCD. You'd get your internet in no time flat!

Anyways, our move to Corpus Christi TX from Milton, FL went really smoothly. It was a 13 hour trip which is good timing for a fully loaded 30 foot truck. So we got to our new house at 11:30pm. Needless to say we werent thinking right and thinking our driveway was long enough, persuaded Brandon that it would fit and we wouldn't have to park half way on the curb. Well...let's just say I'm keeping my trap shut from now on. We had to back out of the driveway obviously and alas the trailer with our car could not turn that sharply backwards and we had to unhook the trailer with the car then drive the trailer with the trailer back on on the truck. We had to take the highway because it's a loop of somesort and would bring us back to our house without having to do a bunch of turns on our street and wake up our beloved brand new neighbors. Yeah, so on the highway, the trailer locked up. The cop came to help. We got home at 2am. No power in the house. Cold, dark shower. That's all of that I want to live through again.

On the lighter side of things we got to go on a three day weekend trip to San Antonio! I LOVED IT! Here's Brandon and I at one of the many missions for tourists like us to look at.
Here's a much nicer mission. I think the nicest mission out of all the ones that we went to. Well, we only went to 2 others besides the Alamo. It got a little repetitive and boring and it was hot! OH! P.S I scored those shorts for $12 at Pacsun. Sweet!

And then here is our self photography skills.

Our luck for finding willing photographers was running out on our last day in San Antonio but we managed to get a lady and her family to take this one for us.

We also thought we'd waste some money and go to Ripleys believe it or not museum and the wax museum. Believe it or not - it was a total waste of money. Can you spot the ghost in the above ivory sculpture? (It's me trapped in the glass but not really)
At least I got to meet David Lettermen. I starred in his late night show. He didn't talk to me much. Infact he didn't even move. What kind of a host is that?
Brandon visited Oprah. She had downgraded her huge set to this two seater set. I thought she was doing well for herself.
Ah, here's the riverwalk in San Antonio, just where our hotel is. It was convient and pretty but since we aren't much of the drinking type, we didn't really rock it out on the riverwalk. Plus, never eat along the riverwalk - not good food.
Just another picture to bore you guys some more of us at the mission.

Brandon surprised me with a beautiful hotel 'Hotel Valencia' but had insisted all week long that we were staying at La Quinta. I am a total bathroom snob and have been since I was like 3 years old, so this was definitely a plus.
The room itself was fantastic! The blinds were made of broad wood. So nice and the King size bed was so comfy. The added fur draped over the bed was a rather nice touch too.
Here's Brandon next to the tallest man in the world. Looks like he needs to grow a little more.
This is what I will become if I keep food bloggin and not not exercising. Only this is a man and I don't think food blogging will turn me into a man - right?

The first week we arrived in Corpus, Brandon volunteered himself to help with the annual Navy Regatta and hence I was volunteered. So on Saturday and Sunday we got to race on sailboats! We got hooked up with a Captain and his catamaran which goes superfast. Well the saturday trip was a 3 hour long sail course. At the end of the race we were bookin it. We went like 18 mph. It was sweet.
We totally won on Saturday and here is our trophy and we won on Sundays race also!
Here's Brandon. He had to be in charge of the steering (I think it meant he was the skipper) on Sundays race. That is the rules.
Then theres me above trying to help.
I started work on Wednesday at a French Bakery in town and I am LOVIN it! It doesn't get much better than creating things I love to do at home. It's hardly like a job but it is cause I feel so inadequate right now. I gotta step up on my pate a choux piping skills. I get up at 4am to be at work by 6:30am and then I leave at 3pm. It's nice to be home before it gets dark. Now I can hang out with people in the evenings instead of being a tired hermit like I was when I worked in the restaurant industry back in FL. Never again - I hope.
I will post more as I bake more. School starts up on the 28th and hopefully it won't be too stressful. I miss you guys and I miss blogging about food so I will try hard to get back into it. Till next time - eat what you bake, I know I will. ;-)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great to read you again! It seems that you had a wonderful time in Texas!

All the best at the bakery!



Christina said...

Hey, Valerie! Good to know that your move went well and that you're enjoying Texas. Great pictures!

Emiline said...

Hi Val! Hope you're doing well. This trip sounds like a lot of fun. You two are such a cute couple, and you look beautiful.

My dad got food poisioning off of food from the river walk...

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

Rosa - Thanks! I really enjoy baking for a living! This is the first time I've worked in one so it definitely reaffirms that this is what I want. :-)

Christina - I'm so excited to start reading blogs again!

Emiline - I'm doing great thanks! I've missed reading your blog. Yeah, I thought I was going to get food poisoning too!

Cynthia said...

It was such a pleasure catching up with you and Brandon and all that's been happening. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Miss you and take it easy.