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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spritz Fun!

Finally, I have something to show you guys from school! I can't say this is amazingly special, but probably something I would never bake in my own home kitchen. For Foundations of Baking, we were given recipes to Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies, soft raisin-oatmeal drop cookies, classic chocolate chip cookies, classic peanut butter crisscross cookies, spritz rings, and Magic cookie bars. I know, I know, cookies right? It seems a little dumbed down for a pastry & bakery program, but I have to remember not everyone in that class is in pastry & bakery & not everyone has baked before. Anywho, I definitely wanted to make something I wouldn't make at home so I went for the Sprintz Rings, cause I figured I should practice some of my piping skills, since they pretty much suck. lol.

I made some S shaped Spritz Rings, they kept breaking in the middle.
This is one of the ones that didn't break.

The circles were pretty easy to make.

This Fleur de (something french) shape was the hardest one to make.

It definitely doesn't resemble anything that the Chef showed me,

but rather looks like a uterus & the fallopian tubes.

This was a fun shape to make. I had to make sure I piped at a 45 degree angle otherwise the wider end would not turn out right

The end results

Unfortunately, these had so much butter in them that I just couldn't bring myself to sampling one. We were given time to sample everyones cookies, so I thought I'd bag one of each for Brandon. I was also assigned as the days kitchen duty checkout person, so I was busy assigning cleaning tasks to people, checking their work & checking them out of class. I left my cookies with my recipes on the bench. I saw this guy, looking & touching my cookies but I was so busy I didn't let myself think that someone would be so revaultingly greedy & selfish as to steal someones cookies that are obviously someones because they took the effort to bag them. Alas, he did steal it when I looked away. I was very very upset & disappointed, just really hit in the face that someone would steal a bag of cookies, when we were given a good 20 minutes to eat & grab all the cookies you want. How unfortunate, and something so unworthy of stealing. I can't look him in the face anymore in the other classes I have with him. It's not a big deal, it's just sad that someone would do that. A pity really.


Angsana said...

reminds me of those danish cookies. Yummyy! Practice makes perfect, you'll get there. Besides, I don't think these look too bad:)

Angsana said...

P.S. I LOVE the new wallpaper:)

Cynthia said...

Stupes! Stealing cookies, really... he needs to get a life.

Glad for the update on what you're doing in class. I like the circle and the S-shaped one, they look fancy and like something you'd want to pick up and eat.

The uterus & fallopian tubes comment had me rolling with laughter.

You're enjoying the program?

Munted kowhai said...

val that uterus cookie actually looks more like the dodge ram symbol with the ram, you know?
plus it is generally nicer to compare your food with icons than inner female sexual organs.
I would have so gone up to the guy and asked him politely if he knew that was my bag of cookies and that he must have thought it was his! this way it is polite and not assuming that he is stealing.
my goodness, you should tell him next time he does something dodgy!

Angsana said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention that to you. Should have confronted him cos that would nip any future problems with him. Don't let him do it again to ANYBODY!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, I love Spritz cookies! Pity you got your bag stolen :-(. How childish! Greedy people are terrible...

Nirmala said...

I'm so sorry. It's amazing how people can disappoint and classmate no less. Yikes. Your cookies do look delicious. I love the use of butter. :)

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

I went to your blog, so far so good. When will recipes be up?

Yes, I am LOVING the program. By wednesday night though I am literally falling on the bed tired since it's 3 full days but it's so worth it. I'll have to post the spritz recipe too.

I would've confronted him but I had a job to do that day and I was so busy doing that & checking things off that I didn't really do a double take. I mean, really what grown person will steal cookies? They're free. lol

I really wish now that I had tried it but the chef said that it's like the cookies that you buy in the blue tins and I LOVE those. I was gonna decorate it with jam but my partner didn't want to. :-(

Yeah, it was a pound and 5 oz of butter!!! What surprised me was we used powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar.

Mandy said...

your cookies are so pretty! It's a pity that people will steal something like cookies!

Carrie said...

These are my favorite cookies ever!

Emilie said...

Oh man! I would so punch that guy in the face! Seriously! Go confront him about it. What a jerk. I'm really mad about this.

Oh that cookie does look like a uterus. ;-)

Sue said...


Your cookies looked great.

PLEASE talk to the thief and tell us all what he says. How about killing him with kindness with "If you had just told me you were so desperate for my cookies, of course, I would have given them to you...JERK!!!" (Leave that last part out.) The point is to make HIM feel bad and guilty. And how horrible he's in other classes with you.

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

Thanks Sue.

Yeah, actually I killed him with my evil eyes. I've been giving my perfected evil eyes to him all last week & I know he knows it because today he went the extra mile to find me a space in the oven when I wanted to bake my yeast rolls. He even moved the racks inside the oven so my rolls could fit in. Guilty, no? hehehehe.

Christina said...

I've made peanut butter cookies with part powdered sugar and part brown sugar and it was definitely a different, yet pleasant, texture.

Funny about the butter, the problem I have with spritz cookies is that they spread, especially if I use the wrong side of the... drawing a blank... the metal plate with the holes... yeah. The only way I really fixed it was to replace half the butter with shortening, though technically that's not as good as all butter. Hmmm.

For a nice look, I like adding multi-colored sprinkles, the balls. It gives it a really nice appearance.

It's good to hear you're having fun with your class!

OLGUIS said...

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