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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sugar Coma!

As a women, one cannot deny herself of silky, smooth, and delicate truffles at least once a month. I tend to eat it more than once a month, but lets keep that a secret ladies ;-) Beware, the following truffle pictures may put you into a sugar coma. Sometthing to the effect of this picture below:
We worked with chocolate last week in Advanced pastries. I am grasping the idea better and better the more I work with chocolate. We tempered also which is part of the process to realign the alpha and beta crystals in order to obtain chocolate that has a smoother, shinner, crispier and snappy texture and mouthfeel. It also increases the melting temperature so it doesn't melt as fast.
These truffles are made with a mocha paste ganache which is rolled and allowed to set. Then I dipped it in tempered chocolate to cover it for the shinny appearance. Just FYI. I did not grow the mint and blueberries. :-b

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Angsana said...

Yummy! When are you coming home??