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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shake your bon bons!

Monday class was a blast. We busted out a bunch of truffles, ugly truffles actually. We were literally covered in chocolate by the end of class. Luckily we had aprons on but somehow I managed to get chocolate all over my chef jacket sleeves. I must have short arms or something, yeah that's it.
I think those above look like malteses more than delicate truffles but the chocolate ball molds are filled with pureed raspberry & raspberry liquor then capped off with tempered chocoalte and dipped in tempered chocolate which gives it that sheen.
Now these are called splitters, which are basically toasted nuts rolled in a milk chocolate ganache. It looks like poop to me.
here are the cognac balls and Celibeth and I made. By the end of it, we were so fed up with not knowing what to do cause the recipe just plain sucked, that I was throwing them in the tempered chocolate just to get it done instead of delicately dipping them in. It's a cognac ganache ontop of marzipan and then dipped in tempered chocolate.
Now, I think these chocolate covered cherries turned out the best. I just want to eat that right up!
These "truffles" are made up of temepred chocolate discs set on patterened transfer sheets to get the stars stuck on them then inbetween two discs is a rum ganache.
Lastly these are coffee filled truffles.
Then night class we got to mess around with marzipan and made mini fruits! See if you can guess what's what!

OH! Yes, pastry students like to shake their bon bons in class and well...culinary students seem to like "other things" if you know what I mean.


Fran Z said...

Yes!- The cherries esp. are perfect and the discs look yummy!

Into My Kitchen said...

That looks like a FUN class. Now, I have never tasted Marzipan before. But do they taste as good as they look??

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

Hey Fran z, the cherries were actually dipped in fondant then double dipped in chocolate!

Mom - we didn't taste it. Almond paste doesn't taste good to begin with and then you add in the glucose. I think it's just really sweet!

Emiline said...

The first truffle looks amazing.

I'm going to agree with you on the splitters. They do kind of look know...

The marzipan fruits are cute. Too bad marzipan tastes like crap.

Linda said...

I'm one of those that can get enough of chocolate covered cherries. Yours look really great

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

Emiline - yeah, I sniffed the almond paste before we made the marzipan and it was nasty! Plus, with the glucose and how sticky it made the dough, it didnt seem right to put that in my body. It's like swallowing bubble gum, but not really

Linda - Yeah, my partner and I wanted to make the choc covered cherries but we never get what we want to make.

Anonymous said...

wow, this looks like a fun class to take. I love candy, but it's really hard making chocolate dipped candy pretty! I'm an amateur.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, fantastic! Such classes must always be very appealing!



Cynthia said...

I have a friend who maltese-junkie!

Sounds like you're having fun at school.

Cynthia said...

Hi Val, can't find an email for you so I am leaving this response here.

All your fruits and veges are so exotic, do you happen to have feijoa there too? - no, I have never seen feijoa before but we do get guava and pineapple.

Christina said...

Ooh, marzipan fruit! I would like to make some but I have a love-hate relationship with marzipan, though that was when I was younger so perhaps it doesn't count anymore.

The star truffles look cute! I agree, nothing is better than a chocolate-covered cherry. (As long as it isn't a Queen Anne Cherry Cordial.)