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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

80's & the shrimp

This weekend, we headed to Gulf shores (as if I'm not there enough for school) for their annual SHRIMP FEST!! I think it's like their hottest thing there, so I indeed had to go check it out, and the fact that I love shrimp simply had nothing to do with it. ;-) Knowing that in Alabama, anything fried goes. I knew I had a limited food selection but I did find a stall that grilled their shrimp. I guess I was too hungry to notice until after the fact that it wasn't all that great even though it had a banner saying "Best at the shrimp fest 2005 & 2006." Emm...clearly peoples tastebuds were fried by the time they reached that stall.

here's a picture of the arts and crafts part of the festival. It's actually really big. They occupied rows and rows of the closed of beach. Some really talented artists there, and many more not so talented - but then again, who am I to judge? There was a lady that made the most magnificent handmade handbags but I didn't want to blow $42 + on a purse. I know, I'm cheap.
People gathering by the west stage to listen to music.We all rocked out to some 80's hits played by guys dressed in poofy fake hair, black tights, pink tops. are the songs I grew up listening to. It was SO much fun. We almost missed one of the last shuttles outta that place - and a 10 mile walk did not sound fun in flip flops and at 10pm. So we busted some moves to get to the shuttle.
We ate on the beach, I wasn't sure which picture looks cooler. I like this one because you can see the and but also the one below because it's dark.
The view of a part of the length of the festival from the beach.


Angsana said...

Looks like it beats Tualatin Crawfish Festival!
How's that Forrest Gump saying??? Shrimp cakes, shrimp toast, shrimp stew,..........

Emilie said...

Pretty pictures!
I've been down that way once, and had fun. We also went to Biloxi and Pensacola.
Are you a parrothead?