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Sunday, September 9, 2007


This was the best weekend we've had in quite a while since Brandon and I have both been busy studying for school. My midterm for next week got rescheduled and Brandon actually didn't have a test to study for so we slept in, then did abs and arms before eating some breakfast and heading out to Destin beach an hour and 20 minutes away. We thought Pensacola beach was it does not even compare to Destin Beach. Crystal clear water, warm to the touch, cooling in the heat and wonderous white sand between my toes. We had just planned on hitting the beach & walking on it.

So we walked along the beach for a good hour or so...
Met some seagulls waiting for fish...
and found a mall just down the street a ways....oh how blissful!!!! Actual stores!!!!!!! You can see a cupcake beach stand there but I did not visit it cause I decided to get a grilled feta, tomato & caramelized onion on rye bread for lunch. Brandon went to Johnny rockets but it wasn't good. You can see the sharper image that we hit earlier & finally found something we wanted to use our gift certificate on, from a year ago from our wedding. lol. yes, we will get you sweet sweet ice cream are ours!
This would make a good painting when I get some more time.
It so happens we strolled upon Williams & Sonoma and it just so happens that I needed a chefs knife and a paring knife for school in a weeks time. It was so meant to be.
My new set of knives. The top all purpose one I got last christmas from Brandon, the one in the middle is my new 8 in chefs knife and an offset paring knife. I LOVE SHUN, more the wustoff. (not sure if that's the right spelling).
A resort as you cross the bridge into Destin
A beach house, how would I LOVE to live in that!! SWEET!
Yes, this shall be our future home. a million years perhaps.
Well, here's to a new week at school tomorrow! We'll see what misadventures awaits me in foundations of baking.


Soraya said...

Te felicito por tu blog, es maravilloso, ojala no dejes de escribir.
Un abrazo.
Soraya S.

Jackson said...

ooo.... what a beautiful beach. it good to travel sometimes..

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, how lucky! What a wonderful beach that is!
Those knives look great...

Angsana said...

It is good to see the sights in Florida from your camera! What a splendid beach..the waters just so green and blue..p e r f e c t !! Can't wai till we get down there in late November!

Cynthia said...

Glad you had a good weekend and got some time to chill.

Munted kowhai said...

whoa nice water! you can learn how to surf there, hows the surf?
i can't wait till i, i mean, aaron and i go down to playa del carmen and enjoy tropical beaches!

Emilie said...

Who's the hottie in the first pick? ;-o

You must go back to that cupcake stand! I want to see what they have.

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

Yeah emilie, I'm SO going back to that cupcake stand next time!

That hottie is the back view of my husband, Brandon. hahaha. I always forget to put his name under the pictures on my blog. Now, if I can only find a frontal face picture, that might help people out. lol