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Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Ole Kiwi Breakfast

I often think back to the times when I was younger and crazy about rugby when I lived in New Zealand. It's funny that a 13 year old girl would wake up at 4am to walk over to her neighbors house to watch a game. That memory aways reminds me of vegemite. Aunty Gay used to make us toast with butter and vegemite while Uncle Vaughan and I watched the game.

I was walking around World Market after church with Brandon a week ago and saw the cutest tiniest vegemite jar ever! I hesitated to buy it but Brandon urged me to and for the past week I have been having vegemite on toast every single morning. lol. Am I sick of it yet? Nope but I sure am glad that Brandon has no interest in it. hahahaha.
My beautiful 5am breakfast before I head out to work
Oh! and can't forget the latte. ;-)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I also love that spread! Here, in Switzerland, we have our own brand called Cenovis and it's delicious...



charinthecity said...

LOL! I hate NZ marmite but love love love British (Malaysian) marmite.

Christina said...

There isn't any vegemite here (or I haven't found it), but I bought marmite once. I don't know, I tried it a few times but maybe it's not for me. Or maybe I didn't spread it thinly enough. I suppose you wouldn't be interested in a partially used jar of marmite?

Emily said...

Oh gosh. I love toast.
I've never had vegemite, though.

alexandra's kitchen said...

I have never tried vegemite but have always been intrigued. Might just have to find one of these mini jars.

I love your icon/avatar. The dancing girl is a nice touch. Good luck with your culinary school. That is so awesome. And good luck to your husband, too. I admire his service.

About the buttermilk rolls — they are crusty and the inside is dense and moist but not like sweet rolls if that makes any sense. When I made them, I only added a teaspoon of salt, and I upped the amount in the recipe b/c I felt like they needed a little boost. I love spreading them with butter and additional salt.

Cynthia said...

I love marmite :)